Herzlich willkommen!

Meine Praxis ist geöffnet


Wake-up call for all humans


hallo this is a message from the stars, from the future, this is our message:


don’t be shy, don’t hide yourself any longer, you are so beautiful, so powerful so magnificent, don’t you see it?


Beautiful, beautiful beings, wake up, this is your time this is your space this is your body. Don’t let them use it anymore for their narcistic and perverse games.


Show you, let shine your light around you, you are beautiful, no matter what they say


You are divine light

 you are divine love

 you are divine truth

 you are


repeat it as a mantra, feel it


I am divine light, I am divine love, I am divine truth, I am


liberate yourself, don’t belief them anymore, all liars, they do everything to  you keep you small,  toxins they inject in your bodies by pesticides, vaccinations’, treated water etc.. They control your mind with their evil technologies don’t let them do this any longer.


Take position, Now!!!! Make your decision now!!!


This is about awakening, awakening means to see the truth even if it hurts. Inside and outside.  This is the final countdown, the apocalypse, but in a positive way. Don’t oversleep it!


Retake your power, this is so important the time is now!!!!  don’t search outside, look inside, you have all you need inside you are a divine being how could this be in another way?


Trust yourself, feel inside if something is a lie or the truth. Don’t belief the mainstream medias!!!! Go searching the truth on your own, all you need to know is inside of you. Feel with your heart, feel the signs of your body, they will indicate you the right way…. Be present, see the signs, don’t ignore them any longer!!!


Visualize the New Earth. You are the creator. Take a white sheet of paper, go in your heart and visualize your New Earth, how do you imagine it, what is important for you? write it down, feel it in your heart, don’t let speak  your mind, do this exercise with a clear intention this is the most important thing to do, remember in the beginning there was the word ….


Then transfer your visualization in your material life, Be authentic, leave your old reflexes and programs behind you, be the change that you want to see in the world.


This is the dawning of the New Earth. Be part of it. Take position. Now!!!


Create your New Earth in your heart with love, and harmony, peace and freedom.


Let it be!!! Wake up! now!